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vaping“Safe zone? Not really! But definitely better and less harmful smoking option. Vaping!

The year 2016 brought forth a huge controversy in terms of vaping, and to a great extent, it bordered on negativity. However, as far as the survey reports have stated, a greater percentage of UK residents have taken up vaping in comparison to smoking. This has brought a sense of relief to a great extent given that; it is vaping that is a safer option than smoking.

Professor Linda Bauld, Deputy Director, UK Center of Alcohol and Tobacco Studies, has brought to light this discrepancy and has called for action in regards to that. As Professor of Health Policy, University of Stirling, Linda Bauld is amongst the notable health professionals associated with controlling of tobacco in the country. Apart from being honored with a host of titles, she is also a part of the various charitable institutions that are associated with tobacco and cancerous issues as Cancer Research UK.

Thus, a word coming from her mouth surely calls for a patient listening. In this case as well, this whole controversy associated with vaping being harmful (that is to be discussed in this context) was initially picked up by her.

E-cigarettes: The scare and controversial aspects

If 2013 survey reports are to be brought forth, 1 in 10 people believed that vaping is harmful; in 2016 as well, the perception has remained similar given 1 in 4 people hold this opinion. Now, this can be quite disturbing. Though a number of researches are being conducted to get the ideal plus points of vaping, however, as of now, in comparison to traditional tobacco smoking, the positives of using e-cigarettes are far greater.

As per an article in The Guardian, Professor Linda Bauld attacked the UK media regarding publishing of false stories as to how vaping has a series of negative impacts. This, quite unfortunately, has resulted in a major section of smokers to move away from usage of e-cigarettes and revert to traditional tobacco smoking.

Hence, all the aforementioned reasons make the words of Linda Bauld worth noticing. As a matter of fact, it has been proved that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional smoking as stated by Royal College of Physicians. Thus, on the whole, it can be very well established that vaping is definitely a better option than mere traditional smoking.

Blame game: Organizations/Governments/ and….:

The initial point from where this controversy was sparked off was a WHO report that clearly suggested that e-cigarettes are becoming a menace and quite harmful in the long run. Attacking the WHO and the US Surgeon General in a brash manner for their disparaging reports, Linda Bauld, brought forth how this whole concept was based on anecdotal evidence of e-cigarette usage.

Bad science it is, quite negativity around e-cigarettes for no reason! 

Here could be a reason as to why international organizations are spreading negative reports:

  • Given the fact that vaping is a safe option, and effective in serving its Therefore, it forms a great threat to taxes that are incurred by various organizations on tobacco. Thus, to a great extent, it harms the profit margin of various institutions.

Coming to the point, there is another aspect that has to be taken into consideration. Vaping is definitely a free option to ensure that a large group of people can quit smoking. However, it is not a point that the UK government is exploring. Rather, a number of criticisms are being levied on this technique.

But there’s a catch! Going by the Tobacco Products Directive, UK, the lower the amount of carcinogenic material in the body, the better it is. Hence, this makes e-cigs a better option in comparison to traditional smoking.

The potential with Vaping

In spite of the fact that vaping as a technique is still under experimentation process, it has huge benefit in reducing smoking tendencies in people. It cuts down usage of tobacco and on an extension, reduces risk of cancer and other heart related issues. What are important are government’s views towards this process and an honest expression of it before the public.

Professor Bauld believes in immense potential of this e-cigarette and firmly looks for cooperation from the government towards spreading an unbiased idea. She and her team are looking forward to findings of the survey in regards to vaping by the Cancer Research UK.