The Vaping Experience: The Ins and Outs

The Vaping Experience

For all those vaping enthusiasts out there, who would like to know details regarding the vaping experience, there are a number of devices that help in this vaping process. However, amongst all of them, in an earlier blog post, the Kanger EMOW Vape Pen model was described.

In this blog, I will go forth and describe the other segments of this vaping model that would help people get a better idea of this whole product. A better model surely gives a better vaping experience!

Defining the model Kanger EMOW Vape Pen:

Given that a major section of this model has already been detailed in the previous blog, here the lower part of this model is to be taken into consideration.

  • Atomizer:

Placed at the lower end of the vape pen, this comes with a small metal tube casing and has a male thread attached to it. It is on top of this atomizer that a specific opening is found that is used for pouring of E-liquid. Given that this E-liquid is to be vaporized for getting the vaping effect, it will fill up the chamber of the atomizer. It is from here that vaping process starts off.

There is an associated cartomizer which acts as a filler material having an organic cotton type material within it. Used within tanks, this acts as wicking system for that whole pen. Having a longer metal tube in comparison to atomizers, this has an important role to play in regards to carrying on this vaping process.

  • Tank system:

Next, in line of this model of vape pen comes clearomizer. The primary reason that makes such products immensely useful is their tank system that holds a greater amount of E-liquid. In this way, there is a chance of greater vaping experience.

Given that this tank system is primarily created out of Pyrex glass or plastic material, the chances of its staying becomes better. It should be taken special note that the eLiquid that is poured is specifically poured into the clear tank area, without drenching the surrounding areas.

The coil in surrounding area of this tank system can get destroyed if eLiquid is poured into that area. So, be careful while pouring your eLiquid.

  • Drip tip:

Located at down end of this pen, this is a mouth piece that is specifically connected to the top portion of either the atomizer or clearomizer. The primary reason that is associated with introduction of this tip is to balance temperature conditions.

At times due to high vaping temperature, the metal casing of the atomizer becomes quite hot to touch. With the help of this drip tip, your mouth can stay away from the hot part of the atomizer, and you can have a safe vaping experience.

So, are your confusions regarding this model clarified? Get yourself one and enjoy the vaping experience. to the fullest!

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