Winter Vape Tips – Protecting Your Vape & Your Lips

Winter Vape Tips – “When winter is here, can the spring be far behind? ”

The harsh winters are here again! An indication in itself that hobbies have to be changed temporarily, time has to be spent indoors, and special care has to be taken for your skin; what about your vape?

Well, with winter here with all its harshness, it is time that care has to be taken of the E-liquid. Here are some tips that will provide the required coating on your e-cigarettes and keep your vape safe!

Winter queries and tips for protecting your vape

For all those who have minimal ideas about the vaping gadget, and a host of queries, here are answers to all your queries.

Will the E-liquid freeze in this low temperature?

For people who use vapes on a regular basis, this is a very pertinent question. As a matter of fact, there are chances that liquid present in the vape can get frozen, but it has a comparatively lower freezing point than water.

As per studies, where freezing temperature of water is 0°C, that of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are -17 °C and -12 °C respectively. Hence, the frozen puddles seen outside are merely water droplets, an illusion.

What is to be remembered is during winters, this liquid gets thicker and hence, it is the clearomiser that is to be kept in best condition.

How to keep yourself warm to enjoy the E-cigarette in the best manner

How many times have your mother asked you to cover up in winters while you are outside? If you wish to enjoy the best of your e-cigarette, it is time that you cover up and keep warm. Make sure that you have gloves and cardigans for company as you enjoy your tobacco free smoke!

How to care for your lips

With the harsh winters taking a toll on your lips, a lip balm is always the answer. Be careful! A chapped lip with flakes can pose a major issue while you enjoy your evening smoke. To get the best of vaping experience, make sure that your lips are smooth and well moisturized.

A smooth lip can enable a great smoke via vape!

How to protect your E-cigarette

The harsh winters do not leave out the goods from its range, and e-cigarettes are definitely one of them. To ensure that you can carry on with your vaping process without hindrance, it is important to keep the batteries of these cigarettes warm.

To keep them warm, you can either put them in your coat pocket, that which is close to your body. Another way is to keep them away from exposure to drastic temperature to prevent any sudden change in quality of e-liquid.

Additional vape tips for winters

  • Metal drip tips are to be avoided in a vape since human skin can stick to cold
  • Vegetable glycerin liquid should be avoided for its viscous nature and high crystallization tendency.
  • The device and its associated goods are to be kept away from moisture.
  • Try to carry on with your vaping indoors to avoid any mishap.

Queries answered? For anymore details on a vape tips, place a call to our customer service team, and we would be happy to help! So what are you waiting for?

Enjoy the best of vapes even in the toughest of winters!

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