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Vape Pen

vape penVape Pen -“Enjoy the fun of smoking in the e liquid garb of vaping!”

In case you are new to this field of vaping, it is quite natural for you not to remain aware of the various modes. Hence, you may have some queries regarding how to continue with this process, what are the techniques and modes that this process of vaping brings with it, and which vape pens should be bought to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Here, you will get detailed answers to all your queries regarding a vape pen, before you go in for making a purchase. However, before you start off your queries, here are some basic factors that need understanding.

What factors are to be checked before getting a vape pen?

If you have decided on getting a vape pen for enhancing your vaping process, here are some of the factors that require consideration.

  • Vaporizers with lithium ion battery are taken as long-lasting. Therefore, this needs to be checked.
  • It is also important to note whether the pen can carry on with herbal, wax or vape oil. Various pens have an affinity for various
  • The aesthetic aspect of the pen also needs to be checked, whether it matches your taste or not.

With all these details matching, you can get a vape pen of your choice.

Some other queries that you are having? Answers are available for all of them!

Choosing the correct budget for the vape pen

At an initial stage, getting the correct vape pen with all the positives and that too within a specific budget can be quite difficult. Options are available in the form of clearomisers, ohm coils ranging from 0.3 to 1.0 value, atomizers and a variety of nicotine flavors for your vaping.

Well, to end it all, the best option is to start off from a mere value of £40, which will bring forth certain reliable brands before you. GreenCo & Atmos is a great choice.

A superior version to choose from

For people starting off, the Atmos Optimus V2 is a great option to start off. Coming with a high powered battery life and with a comparatively large liquid tank, this is surely ruling the roost.

Coming to another variety from the house of GreenCo & Atmos, the GreenCo Gumball 3000 hookah vape pen is a just perfect for oil and herb concentrations.

Are you planning to increase your budget? Or are you are a pro at vaping? In either case, KangerTech is your choice! With multiple positives as sub-tank and sub-box, customization of coils and clearomisers and stylish presentation, this is a brand to call for!

Already a pro? Why nor try out some better-vaping styles and clouds. Here’s a series of options that you can choose from in case you wish to walk the stylish path.

Vaping Clouds – Adding style to vaping

For the regular vapers, Sub-Ohm style of vaping is the perfect way to enjoy your smoke. The concept of vaporizing of E-liquids with an atomizer of 1.0 ohm is known as Sub-Ohm Vaping.

Going by the traditional method, this vaping style can be tried out with the help of a dripper as Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser or a Rebuildable Tank Atomiser. In either case, the quantity of liquid that can be held is quite high and therefore a longer period of vaping can be enjoyed.

Positives of Sub-Ohm Vaping

The primary reason that has resulted in its popularity are:

  • It enhances the taste of the e-liquid to a great extent
  • It keeps the liquid warm bringing the concept of smoking back
  • The amount of liquid that it can hold is quite huge

Note of caution

We, at Vapers Emporium, provide this information regarding this Sub-Ohm Vaping, that in spite of all its benefits, it is not suitable for people who are not acquainted with electrical facets. Hence, a Box mod should be used to be on the safe side.

Vape happy and stay happy – Get a vape pen today!