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vape liquidVape Liquid

It is easy to know the factors to consider before buying vape liquid. Next, it is of equal importance to know the ingredients to avoid. Once it is known to buyers, they will be able to restrain harmful chemicals from entering their body and enjoy a safe vaping.

Ingredients you need to AVOID in a vape liquid!

If one conducts a few minutes of Google research, he/she will find that vaping is healthier than smoking. Despite this statistic, the vaping world got a lot of slack. Many raise questions whether vape liquid is safe for consumption or not! Since one inhales the ingredients which are present in such e-juices, this does seem to be a valid question.

So, here’s lesson 101 on those dangerous elements which one should look to avoid.

The DADDY of all harmful e liquid chemicals- Dikestone

Some E-cig and E liquid companies insist on adding Dikestone in their vaping liquids. This is done primarily to induce a buttery flavour in e-liquids. Dikestone, as per FDA (or other regulatory bodies) is necessary to include in edible products. But there is no such mentioning under the FDA which states that it also has to be present in products which are solely for inhaling.

Mainly known as a group of chemicals, it is best to avoid them, especially as there are so many e-liquid options available with natural fruit and herb extracts.

Its blacklisted sons

Dikestone is not one chemical. Rather it constitutes a group of chemicals which include-

  • Diacetyl
  • Acetyl Propionyl
  • Acetoin

Here’s showering light on each of these ingredients!

  • Diacetyl

In comparison to these bad boys, Diacetyl seems to top the list as the most harmful chemical. This hazardous chemical made headlines in the year 1990. A group of pop corn factory workers after inhaling diacetyl got bronchiolitis for a long time span.

Owing to its potentially harmful attributes, it is better to avoid using vape liquid which has concentrations of diacetyl.

  • Acetyl Propionyl

This is another chemical ingredient which many vaping liquid producers use. Once the adverse health risks of diacetyl were discovered, acetyl propionyl was put to use as its alternative. Similar to diacetyl, it also produces a buttery flavour- mostly like custard in e juices.

But further research on this chemical ingredient affirms that it has the potential to inflict similar damage to the lungs. So, this is another name which one should avoid at all costs.

  • Acetoin

Studies show that under some conditions, acetoin is known to change into diacetyl. It is yet another regular ingredient which manufacturers cater to when producing their vaping liquid in substitute to diacetyl. But regardless of whether one is a tyro to vaping or looking for some other vaping juices,  it is always better to ignore acetoin.

An important note concerning these ingredients

The truth is, some vape liquid makers will lay down these parts as good grades. Meaning- their flavours are similar to using them in food components.

These manufacturers also opine that they have been confirmed by the FDA to be safe for consumption in edibles. But that does not signify they are appropriate for inhaling too! So, for first timers looking for vaping liquids, proactiveness is what they need to show when checking the list of ingredients.

For their aid- Here are a few ingredients which are SAFE FOR INHALING!

  • VG and PG

Vegetable glycerin and Propylene Glycol are two of the base ingredients which top notch manufacturers cater to for their vaping liquids.

  • VG labels as a non-toxic veg based liquid known for its sweet savor and thick vapor. If a cartridge consists 100% VG as its base, then dense vapour will come out with each puff.
  • PG as per FDA is also non-perilous and serves as an additive ingredient for various medicines. It helps carry flavour into edible components and also serves a role in food colouring. PG is another base component which top-notch manufacturers use in their e-cig liquids. A cartridge having 100% PG will produce not dense but smooth vapor.

For the longevity of vape cartridges and optimal user experience, the best companies make use of both these ingredients together.

  • H2O

Along with these base ingredients, the best in the business also make ample use of water to their e- juices. To make the juice more liquid in nature, a considerable proportion of water is used.

  • Least nicotine strength

With due honestly, the best option would be to opt for a vape liquid devoid of nicotine extracts. But some like the conventional cigarette taste and for them, notable manufacturers include nicotine extracts. But as per the FDA rules, the max which they can include is 1.8% or 18mg.

Now, you know the BAD and GOOD ingredients of an E liquid. Make the wise choice by finding out a reliable online company and purchase e-cigs and vape liquid which have all the right stuff.