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Vape Juice

vape juiceEven though the number of E cigarette smokers in the UK keeps on increasing exponentially, there’s lack of consensus about it. The vape juice inside an E cig is its most vital component. Other than basic design and shape, this is the only component which varies as per flavours and vapour outputs. You must know the product first before using it.

Do you really know everything about a vape juice? Find out!

Smoking needs a future alternative, a healthier one. It’s virtually impossible for a pack-day smoker to imagine the world without smokes. However, for those who don’t want to quit but need a safer choice, e cigarettes are a perfect alternative. Still a rising trend in the UK, there’s however, a lack of general know-how about E cigs and its ingredients. One of the frequently enquired components is vape juice.

Delve into the details here!

E-Liquids in general

Unlike cigarettes burning tobacco inside to form smoke, E cigs don’t create smoke in the first place. There’s a reason why the electric sticks are known as vaporisers. What the user gets out of an E cig is nothing but the vapour from the vape juice inside its tank or chamber.

Vape, Vapour, Vaporizer – every single electric stick has a battery which heats the liquid inside to the point of vaporising it. This is the basis of vaping.

Daily dose of nicotine

Question – Why will a smoker go for a vaporiser? Well, it’s healthier and easier to smoke. Better question – Is it worth it for a smoker? This is just where there’s a clear lack of proper serious info.

Some are a-pack-day, some more or maybe even less. Although there’ll be individuals who consider the art of smoking as a vital one, it all does come down to nicotine.

This is why people smoke, for a daily dose of nicotine. As a habit, it’s this daily dosage which becomes an addictive necessity.

Now, coming back to the question whether vaping is worth it in the first place, it can be with the right vape juice.

The thing is, some e liquids do not have nicotine. For a smoker, shifting from tobacco sticks to an E cig which does not have nicotine will not help. The obvious conclusion will be reverting back to sticks.

There are E liquids which have a larger percentage (2.4% +) of nicotine while some don’t. Avid smokers will need their requisite dose of nicotine, decreasing it with time.

And this is just how smokers can become vapers to non-smokers. So, vaping can help in quitting. Luckily, Mark Twain didn’t have vapes.

Vape juice flavours

Typical cigarettes come with many flavours mostly coming down to their filters. It’s just about adding flavour particulars into a smoking device. But the available ones in a cigarette are minuscule in comparison to the plethora of options for vapers.

Breaking down E liquids: –

  • 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerine.)
  • 30% PG (Propylene Glycol) + Flavours + Nicotine.

So, differences between one vape juice and another are the amount of nicotine and the type of flavours.

Just a few of the most popular flavours ones around are: –

  • Spices – Pepper is one of the most common spice flavours in use on all levels. Adding its trademark tastes, the best brands out there ensure that taste adds up with the spicy aromatic node.
  • Fruits – Any fruit which one can imagine, nearly any, at least. Beyond citrus fruits, mango, blueberry, grapes, strawberry – vapers are spoilt for choice.
  • Classic Clove or Menthol – Clove and menthol are popular ones in case of normal cigarette sticks – an explicit inclusion in case of E liquid flavours too.
  • Typically Tobacco – This is the most apparent flavour. Most ex-smokers prefer this flavour for a healthier reminiscence.
  • Out-of-the-ordinary – There’s a huge section of vapers who are not smokers in the first place. Crazier flavours such as bacon are quite common across the more youthful creed of vapers.

Reducing consumption with time

It’s tough for most smokers to quit smoking. Again, those smokers are unsure of the effectiveness of vaping. While the truth is, this option is very efficient when it comes to reducing consumption of tobacco with time.

Hitting the sweet spot, this is, in fact, a positive way for all the smokers out there to start quitting. It makes lowering the nicotine content with time easier. It helps delineate the body from its dependency on the external dosage of nicotine.

So, vaping is a good step forward, especially if you’re a smoker. Go for an E cig with a high-nicotine vape juice. Don’t smoke. Vape!