The Perfect Vaping Party

Vaping Party

Vaping can be said to be something which is now socially accepted in the family. So, if you are with your parents and vaping with them, it is pretty cool. Continuing with this thought, there is an idea for throwing a vaping party. This will be a party when the next day you don’t have to face any hangover, dehydration or certainly losing track of, ‘what happened last night?’

So, here are some cool ideas to organize a perfect vaping party and have absolute fun!


Now, for a vaping party, I don’t think anyone will like balloons and ribbon décor. Go, Meta! Try DIY with the old bottle, recycle them, create something with black light, use neon, etc. All these will significantly raise the cool quotient of your vaping party.

Add the oomph with vaporizers and drinks

Combining vaporizer e-liquid flavor with proper drinks is a very good way to start a party. Imagine a raspberry flavor vapor with a lemon cocktail. It will taste great!  Then you can also drink wine or some other low alcohol drinks that will go amazingly with e-cigarettes. Try mocktails like peach soda, ice tea, etc.

Don’t forget the hot beverages!

Food for good mood!

Food is very important in a party. At a vaping party, you can have one-to-many options to try different types of food. Why? Because it is very easy to pair the e-liquid flavor (you get a lot of options) and try some dessert. Like chocolate, dip strawberry with mint flavor vaporizers!

In this lighter mood party, you have the option of making good main course too. Maybe a garden bar-be-que. And as there is no toxic smoke coming from aerosol (the vapor is water based), you can be sure that no one will feel chocked. So, it is more like a healthy but extremely fun party.

Set a snack bar, it will be easier for people to eat and everyone can have enough food.

Party popper games

Why stick to old ‘beer pong’ or ‘spin the bottle,’ like wine tasting? Try vapor tasting and guessing the flavor right. You can also try making a drink that goes best with the flavor of the e-cigarette. People can actively participate and have fun there!

‘Passing the vaporizer’ – re-create the old games with a new twist where people will take a puff and pass on the vape until the music stops. And there you have the chance to make them do anything for entertainment.

Make different flavors at the vaping party

Keep an open vaping counter where people will try a different flavor. This way everyone can engage themselves in an activity together. They can try mixing two flavors and create something new and awesome!

These are some of the ideas, but you can obviously change the theme, design, and organization with your creativity. So, start planning the awesome vaping party soon! And don’t forget it is safe, so there is hardly any possibility for things to go wrong.

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