The FDA’s Unhealthy Regulations for eCigs


“Let’s make eCigs illegal!”

This is not a statement, but more like an agenda put forward by all the lawmakers over the world. The UK and America presently, are the foremost buyers and users of eCigs. But with the turn of times, it doesn’t seem very likely that they are going to let this happen. The FDA, has played a paramount role in making eCigs sound way more dangerous than they are!

There are several states where they have framed smoking eCigs in public as an ‘offense.’ So, one can practically not use their vaporizers inside a restaurant (there is no such smoke coming out, though) and other properties which are privately owned.

FDA – Wants to End the ENDS

Electronic Nicotine Delivering Systems or ENDS are now getting directly targeted by several lawmakers who are evaluating its harmful effect with what tobacco can do to the body. But in reality, where eCigs have on 0.17 milligram of HCPCs, regular cigarettes have 30.6 milligrams. Moreover, the tar that is accumulating from tobacco has impeccable harmful physical conditions.

But according to FDA, there are several unknown facts about eCigs yet, and that is why it possesses more harm. Well, this is not true. If we just focus on the mechanism, the e-liquid is changed into an aerosol and we smoke that. But in a regular cigarette, we directly inhale the nicotine and tar created.

That is not concerning FDA. They have already passed legal marketing statement in 2016 that no one can introduce any more new vaporizer or its accessories. With ‘new’ they include modification even if it is for betterment.

Now, this is a really good strategy to seize the marketing of a product entirely from roots.

States abolishing eCigs benefits

Starting with Washington DC, a 67% of a sin tax is applied on vaporizers there.  If you think, then this law is actually deteriorating the health of people more and reducing their freedom to opt for their own interests.

They are making both tobacco and e-liquid the same product, just like U.S. President Calvin Coolidge said in 1914. To him, both public and private properties are the same thing as one cannot safeguard if the other is desecrated. And now, this is playing the key card for FDA to say smoking in private patio, restaurants, etc. are also illegal.

It seems like they are more interested in benefiting themselves with these laws rather than thinking about the public on a more general and liberal ground.

eCigs let’s judge it by the mechanism

When a person smokes eCigs, the vapor that is released is more water based. Even scientifically it is not proved that whether it creates any trouble for the bystanders or not. As there is no such smoke released, so it can be accounted as there is hardly any such harm. However, on the other hand, when talking about smoking tobacco, there is passive smoking of carbon monoxide and other toxic products.

So, the questions remain that, is FDA trying to penalize a man condemned of murdering a person and a man caught cutting a tree branch? If this example sounds illogical, so does the law against eCigs.

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