The Exploding eCigarette

The exploding eCigarette

Are you a newbie in the eCigarette world? If yes, then welcome to the better health zone as well as to the physical red alert zone! No, it doesn’t mean vaporizers are more harmful and will change your look, but the fact is that they can explode. Surprisingly, this is the harmful effect of an eCigarette. The problem with an eCigarette is that there are very few people who actually know how to take care of the mods, coils, atomizers and other parts of the vaporizers.

This inadequate knowledge of maintenance is actually dangerous. Many incidents were recorded when people got their teeth knocked out, cigarettes bursting in their pockets, etc. What we users forget is that, it is after all an electronic device where there is a charge flow.

What can be the degree of burn and damage?

Recently, in New York, a man was carrying an eCigarette in his pocket which blasted and it caused a lot of damage. According to his attorney, his legs, thigh, and hand got burnt from the explode causing a third degree burn.

This is how serious can things get if you are not taking proper care of your vaporizer.

What causes these eCigarette explosions?

  1. Battery explosion

To start with, the most deadly explosion is of the batteries. These vaporizers have lithium batteries which can store lot of charge inside it in a quite small space. People consider it to be good thing as the eCigarette lasts longer. But the problem is, these lithium batteries are highly reactive and can explode if the charging method is not appropriate.

  1. Over heating

When you charge the eCigarette for a long time, it makes the atomizer get heated up. The other thing that happens is that, when you hold the button for too long or practice chain smoking, it can also heat up the atomizer. As a result, it can explode.

Tip: You should never hold the button for more than 5 seconds.

  1. Using non-branded products

Brand matters. They need to maintain their market reputation and for that, they will never make an eCigarette with low quality products. This is not the same when it comes to non-branded products. They use low quality plastic and cheap metal that enhance the heat conduction which can be a cause for an explosion.

  1. Clutter and dirt around charging area

The unwanted particles present around the charging area also absorb heat. This further makes the battery overheat and again, as stated above that overheating is a major cause of explosion.

  1. Wrong charger

When you use a wrong charger for your vaporizers, this can create some terrible issues. Inappropriate chargers can cause voltage issues which can again lead to a blast! It is best to use the charger given.

Another thing that people should consider is the Ohm reader. They need to read all these carefully so that they don’t overload the pen.

All these things can be easily avoided if you are using your eCigarette appropriately. Follow the instructions given and you will be good to go. Avoid making the above mistakes and you can smoke your eCigarette without any hitch!

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