E-Cigarette Vapor Causes Similar Effects to Normal Air

You think you are reducing the harmful effect of cigarettes by using vaporizers? Confused with the question? First of all, the e-cigarette has revolutionized the smoking world with vaporizers that doesn’t release much smoke, unlike regular tobacco cigarettes. But the question is, is that really all true?

The problem with an e-cigarette is, there are still many ongoing studies and research, so knowing about the complete effect is very difficult. Hence, drawing conclusions on this product is not a very keen option.

Why the FDA denied approving the e-cigarette?

In 2003, FDA passed this product by tagging it as a drug-delivery device for the amount of nicotine present in it. FDA also mentioned that this level of nicotine can make people more addicted towards smoking and can also make smokers relapse to go back to regular smoking.

But in December 2010, the legal judgment on the e-cigarette was different after the Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology run a test to determine its effects.

The new studies by Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology evaluated the Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHCs) in vaporizers and normal cigarettes. There is almost 0.17 milligrams of HPHCs in an e-cigarette. But when a person smokes a regular cigarette, the tar that goes inside our body has at least 30.6 milligram of HPHCs. This clearly proves that the smokers inhaled from vaporizers are much safer than regular smokes.

Another scientific experiment about the effects of the e-cigarette

To prove it further, British American Tobacco and MatTek Corporation collaborated and started an extensive research on vaporizers. Their motto was to find out how much damage the e-cigarette was bringing on the tissues when compared to a normal cigarette.

Dr. Murphy conducted a test to check what will be the effect of smoking these two. For the e-cig, one cell was used which lasted six hours, and a similar thing was done on another cell with tobacco smoke. The result after six hours was shocking!

The cell of the vaporized did not show change as such, but the one with tobacco smoke lost its capacity by 88%. So, one can say that it is a quite deadly result.

To draw a conclusion, though there are still unknown facts regarding the e-cigarette, it is still better to smoke this than contaminating your body with tar and so much of HPHCs from a normal cigarette.

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