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E liquid

E liquid

E liquid flavors

Unlike cigarette smoking which is dangerous t the health, E liquid is a healthy alternative. E liquid is available in varying strengths and numerous flavors. E liquid is aerosol-based which implies that the materials used are suspensions of tiny particles on a gaseous base. Although the use of chemicals used in the E liquid is debatable, yet it is free from tar which a cigarette smoke carries with it. Tar settles in the lungs and causes respiratory and carcinogenic disorders.

E liquid is the liquid used in an e-cigarette which is vaporized and inhaled by a smoker. It fuels the e-cigarettes and provides the nicotine solution. It does not contain all the harmful chemicals present in normal cigarettes such as monoxides and tar. 5 packs of normal cigarettes are equivalent to 2ml of e-liquid.

Preference of E liquid over Cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoking is more injurious than e-cigarettes. The reason is that the latter contains nicotine added with flavors which the user prefers to smoke. Additionally, it requires no flame to be ignited with. The various brands selling e-cigarettes which contain the e-liquids provide the users with many flavors to choose from.

  • Classic cigarette flavor
  • Blended fruits flavors like grape, blueberry, strawberry and mango
  • Bacon or pepper flavored
  • Clove-mix flavored
  • Crazier flavors like that of bacon

Unlike normal cigarettes which contain tobacco which needs to be lighted, e-cigarettes contain aerosol liquids compressed inside long metallic tubes.  Each brand uses various proportions of the different components available in order to make each unique from the others. Users can choose what amount of the different components they will be buying their e-cigarettes with.

Contents of E liquid include

  1. Nicotine
  2. Added flavors
  3. Pure Vegetable Glycerin
  4. Propylene glycol solution in vapor form

The strength of an e-cigarette depends on the strength of the E liquid it is made with. For users who prefer a more concentrated smoke, e-cigarettes containing a high dosage of nicotine might be opted. For others, the relatively lower dosage of nicotine with more of the different flavors might be chosen. New users are recommended to use an E liquid with a comparatively lower nicotine content to avoid compulsion and addiction.

Addiction and associated harm

Research proves that the contents inside the e-cigarette are comparatively less harmful when compared to that of normal cigarettes. The size of the particles emitted from e-cigarettes falls into the ultrafine category as opposed to the larger soot particles in cigarettes.

However, the minute particles might enter the blood circulation via the lungs and might cause pulmonary disorders. Additionally, the presence of metallic elements present in the ultrafine smoke might prove to be even more toxic although this is debatable and some brands of E liquid providers ensure no dissolution of metallic particles with the aerosol smoke.

For the first time users who have been smoking normal cigarettes until then, it is recommended that they provide sufficient gap between one smoking session and the next. They should drink plenty of water to replenish for the induced thirst. In the case of serious irritations on inhalation, users should prevent smoking the e-cigarette to avoid convulsions and serious respiratory conditions like ‘popcorn lung’ which might lead to pulmonary cancer in the long run, if not attended to.

Nicotine content of E liquid

As already mentioned, there are varying levels of nicotine in different brands of E liquid sold by the different brands. Nicotine is addictive and might lead to even higher levels of addiction to e-cigarettes than normal ones. The amount of nicotine can be compensated with higher levels of flavors which the users might find exciting to try.

Available in bottles of varying quantities, the empty e-cigarettes can be recharged with those liquids and used again. Smokers should, however, make sure to take care that the replenished amount does not exceed the original amount or that might cause irritations.

E-cigarettes and E liquid vapors should be kept out of reach of children. An E cigarette is meant to reduce the addiction that one might face with normal cigarettes but only with a controlled dosage.