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E Juice

e juiceWhile e-cigs are quite popular among vapers, there are a lot of things still unknown about the parts of these vape pens. Among all those details, the most important part is to know about the ingredients of E juice. Read about the constituents and their best sources to make an appropriate choice before buying.

E Juice: A note on its essential ingredients!

All electronic cigarettes make use of a particular kind of solution known as E juice. The battery heats up the liquid solution in the flavour cartridge and produces dense vapour. Due to the existence of some nicotine flavour, the resulting vapour gives off similar sensation to a cigarette.

More on e-cig juice

It’s a known fact that electronic cigarette juices don’t contain tobacco or any of its harm-inflicting components.  Regular sticks contain tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide or other forms of hazardous carcinogens which enter the lungs and cause various health disorders.

E-cig juice makes use of its own set of ingredients which not only produce more vape than an average 4-inch smoke stick.

E juice outlining its base ingredients

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)

As per the FDA, PG is very safe for use and over the years has been widely put to use in domestic cooking, health, and skin care products for 50 years or so. It is also one of the primary ingredients which top UK manufacturers also make use of in producing E juice.

Studies show that Propylene Glycol has very little to do with the taste of an electronic cigarette. It is a thin liquid solution which aids in prolonging the life span of the e-cig cartridge. Due to its thin consistency, it helps produce smooth vapour. However, PG is also mixed with other ingredients such as vegetable glycerine (up next) for a more resounding and satisfactory vaping experience.

  • Vegetable Glycerine

There’s no denying the fact that Propylene Glycol is the basic ingredient most e-juice manufacturers in the UK and elsewhere. But sometimes its strong production of vapour can cause the throat and mouth to dry off excessively. Plus it also is known for some allergic side-effects such as tingling of the throat, especially to those who are new to vaping.

For those consumers, opting for E juice which has more of VG is a more appropriate option. Vegetable Glycerine is simply plants and herbs extracts. It has a thicker viscosity and also consists of a subtle sweet taste.

As it is thicker to PG, the vapour produced is thicker. Another thing about vegetable glycerine is that it has fewer allergic side-effects to PG. But because of its thicker viscosity, the cartridge lifespan is shorter.

So there’s a reason why most of the top-notch manufacturers of vape pens and e-juices use both of them together.

  • Nicotine inclusion:

According to FDA regulations, the maximum allowance of nicotine is not more than 1.8% in e-cigarette juices.  Here’s an account into the nicotine composition right from the base.

  • For those who don’t like the taste of nicotine- they can take up e-juices devoid of any nicotine traces at all.
  • For those who smoke very light cigarettes (and smoke 2-3 sticks/day), there are e-juices with 0.3% of 3mg of nicotine.
  • Those smoking 10 or above light cigarettes each day can tend to e-cig juices which have 0.6% of 6 mg of nicotine
  • And for those smoking 10 standard sticks through the day, e-juices having 1.2% of 12mg of nicotine strength is ideal

Lastly, those who smoke up around 20 sticks easily throughout their day, they should opt an E juice having the max nicotine extract- 1.8 or 18mg.

A word of advice– Nicotine, in its most raw form, is like poison, and in the case of e juices, it is the only toxic ingredient inside. So, for those taking up vaping for the first time, it is best to avoid high inclusion of nicotine.

What else?

Apart from these ingredients, other contents include as-

  • An excellent blend of mango, raspberry flavouring and others.
  • Pepper or bacon flavour.
  • Strawberry, grape and other fruit extracts.
  • Elements of clove and mint and other mouth fresheners act as additives.

These are some of those ingredients which help to create that particular taste and accounts for a better vaping experience.

Finding the best source of E juice

Numerous online agencies manufacture both e-cigs and its juices. But to find a reliable one-

  • Look for their years of experience in the venture.
  • Then check the variety they have and whether each of their products is in line with the legislative rules or not. Example- if you are in the UK, then, the best e-cig online retail shops will have products as per FDA certifications.
  • Check if they offer fast and same-day shipping services and the quality of their customer care service.

So, find a notable E juice/e cig company now and bring home your complete vaping kit. One last word- if there are children in the house, ensure that it is out of their reach.