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E Cigs

e-cigsE cigs are fast becoming a perfect alternative to burning tobacco through filters. The number of electric cig smokers is punching up every other day. Without a doubt, it’s a healthier option for smokers who unavoidably need to puff up every once in a while and UK is certainly one of the leading global markets for this product.

Are E Cigs the likely alternatives to nicotine addicts? Explore!  

The fact is, 15.5% of the world population smokes. Now, that’s a lot of smokers and a lot of blackening lungs. Cigarettes are harmful – there’s no harm in stating this fact either, and this is an irony in itself. But it’s less about the smoke and more about nicotine. Smoking is nicotine addiction with tobacco-rolled paper. E Cigs are directed at just this juncture, giving smokers their quintessential dosage of nicotine while erasing much of the apparent health hazards.

An invention redefining smoking cigarettes over the ages, e cigarettes first took shape in 2003 with the honours falling to Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik. One more fact, most e cigarettes ship off from China, another commodity with a Chinese monopoly.

E Cigs in the UK

Other than the US, 19% Brits play car exhausts. The percentile has taken a move towards the better, falling 7 percentile points since 2002. Health experts have put this mostly down to stricter smoking restrictions, but E alternatives continue to play an angel’s role.

UK is the second largest market for these E smokes with the gold going to the USA. Even Her Majesty’s taking an active stance on these healthy sticks. With Brexit, the Department of Health can now demarcate between E’s and tobacco sticks. Quoi de plus, DoH is strategising on reducing British tobacco smoke by promoting safer alternatives, a clear have-it-your-way for E options.

So, bottom-line, the UK alone smokes up more than 13% of the e-cigs hitting the market globally.

In a Squirrel’s Nutshell

E cigs are quite ingenious actually. Looking at them from the design point-of-view: –

  • Mouth-piece – Same as a filter; at the end of it, a regular cigarette stick.
  • Cartridge or Tank – Where the E-liquid holds up.
  • E-Liquid – Generally making up with propylene glycol, glycerine, water, nicotine and additional flavours.
  • Atomizer – A heater, simply a small-scale electric coil for vaporising the E-liquid.
  • Microprocessor – For controlling the temperature and overall smoking functions.
  • Battery – Powering the coil, heating it up.

Simply, it’s a stick with a battery at its end for heating up a coil which will heat the E-liquid to create a vapour for smoking up. So, using E-cigs is vaping and not smoking.

Different types of E-Cigs

  • Cigalikes – These were the first-ever generation of electric smokes. Reminiscing everything that a standard tobacco stick looks like, these were simple and mostly for first-time
  • eGos – A generation of improvements, these were the first electric smokes with refillable tanks or cartridges. No more for use-and-throw!
  • Mods – Non-electrical mechanical alternatives.
  • Sub Ohms – The latest generation of electric smokes, these come with temperature control functions, a larger shelf life and simply – more vapour.

Are E Cigs a positive alternative to normal cigarettes?

This is a pivotal question. Let alone all the marketing aspects; this is a query which relates to the future of every single nicotine-addict including future ones.

Looking at this from a smoker’s perspective, smoking or rather inhaling nicotine is a habit which becomes a necessary evil hampering health, both actively and passively. Abruptly delineating from burning a stick is a tough proposition.

Governments throughout are taking strong stances against tobacco consumption to abolish it with time. For smokers, quitting is a difficult procedure. Although it varies between individuals, the best and only option is to follow-up on nicotine replacement therapy.

Although vaping is, of course, not healthy in comparison to ‘not smoking at all’, but it is certainly healthier than smoking normal tobacco sticks. This is just the stance which UK DoH is willing to take.

Don’t smoke. SmokE!

To continue from the smoking point of view, some E-liquids even lack nicotine. Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking without a shadow of a doubt. Research suggests that more than 60% in the UK are smokers turned vapours while 40% include non-smokers.

For the Department of Health, vaporisers are helping in reducing the total amount of tobacco smokers. And this number is favourably positive in comparison to new vapers.

This situation throws up two distinct derivatives: –

  1. Vaping is a positively healthier alternative compared to
  2. E cigs are considerably garnering a green directive from the UK government.

Bottom line? Stop smoking and start vaping.