Banning Versus Regulation – E-Cigarettes

‘’Wish to stop smoking? Try E-cigarettes instead!’’

As an alternative to chain smokers, E-cigarettes have been a heavenly alternative. With a number of flavors and options coming to the forefront, people have seriously decided on taking this form of smoking, foregoing the actual tobacco ones.

However, in recent times, a ban has been imposed on smoking of E-cigarettes within enclosed areas in Wales. This decision of the Welsh government has garnered its set of controversies with debates and discussion arising in regards to effect on human health. The biggest positive associated with this format of smoking is that, it helps in quitting the habit of smoking in the best possible manner and prevents your body from being infested by a host of health issues.

Given that this form of smoking has so many other plus points associated with them, there would be no need for banning E-cigarettes in any manner. That’s what detractors have to say.

E-cigarettes – The basic details

These E-cigarettes can be termed as battery-powered devices that help in converting liquid nicotine to vapor and do not have an ounce of tobacco in it. To a chain smoker, this not only acts as an alternative in regards to tobacco smoke, but also this nicotine content that is present reduces cravings for the actual smoke and chances of reverting to the fags are considerably negated.

Whereas close to 100, 000 people die of smoke that is related to tobacco and other toxic chemicals, close to 1 amongst 4 people in the UK die of inhaling these gases. In such a scenario, usage of these E-cigarettes is truly noteworthy.

Current scenario

The fact that E-cigarettes, to a great extent have resulted in reducing health issues that are associated with individuals, have been proved by medical reports. According to Cloudstix, “With introduction of these E-cigarettes, there are nearly 10% individuals amongst the 10 million smokers in the UK who are using this technique. Now with such statistics, it is quite natural to note that this device truly works.’’

However, the major controversy that arose, resulting in this ban in spite of its positives, is the concept of glamorizing the whole aspect. Given that celebrities glamorize this prospect of smoking via E-cigarettes, the younger generation who may not have taken up smoking would now take it up seriously. This is exactly what Vice President, Faculty of Public Health, Dr. John Middleton fears. With increased use of such devices, the younger generation can be influenced in a negative manner.

Present solutions

In spite of all the controversies that have been courted by this product, it has to be stated that in comparison to actual tobacco cigarettes, these are truly an innovative idea. Hence, instead of merely banning these vapes, a correct monitoring of these are required.

  1. These products should be regulated by Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), so that there should be a control in regards to manufacturing of it and labeling issues prior its release.
  1. Another important point to note is restricted marketing and childproof packaging that ensure that children are not induced into buying these E-liquids and consuming them in any form.

However, there have been a good number of adults who have stated that it was the flavors of these E-cigarettes that have made them quit smoking. Check your flavor now!

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