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E Cigarette

e cigaretteE cigarette is advantageous over normal tobacco filled ones for numerous reasons. It is devoid of the major harmful contents like tar and CO, which are considered injurious to health. The nicotine content is also significantly less compared to normal cigarettes. Above all, these are cheaper, hassle free and easier to carry.

What are the notable advantages of smoking an e cigarette?

An E cigarette is an instrument which enables users to get the exact sensation of smoking but without the injurious effects of nicotine.

In recent times, there has been an impressive surge in the popularity of electronic cigarettes. In the UK, cardinals of regular smokers are catering to these smoking units as a stop smoking aid. Despite evidence still developing on how advantageous they actually are, many have found them useful in controlling their smoking habits and even quitting it altogether.

Explaining e-cigs briefly

These units function by heating and creating a vapour via propylene glycol or glycerine – which is a colourless solution containing (optionally) nicotine extracts and some flavours. The thing which is interesting about electronic cigs is that as there is no burning involving here, there is no production of harmful smoke.

Top researchers in the UK point out that the smoke which results from smoking e-cigs is pretty similar to the smoke which is seen in rock concerts.

Its slew of advantages

Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming a welcome alternative to conventional smoking. Many consider it as a healthier mode of smoking.

Some health advantages which prove this statement.

  • No ‘CO’ and Tar

An E cigarette doesn’t produce carbon monoxide (CO) and tar- 2 prime pollutants in regular smoking. Though vapours resulting from e cigs does include nicotine, its strength is just 18mg- which is very low in comparison to a 4-inch white stick.

Studies prove that carbon monoxide is the most harmful output of smoking a cigarette. It wreaks havoc by binding the haemoglobin and restricts sufficient oxygen from entering the system. Using e-cigs, prevents this havoc to some extent, simply because it doesn’t have traces of CO.

With new rules and regulations which came about in the UK on 20th May 2016, e-cig containers should abide all quality and safety guidelines.  As a hint- manufacturers must ensure that their units carry only a fraction of the risk associated with a smoking stick.

  • An End to Smoker’s Cough

Nicotine toxins inflict damage to the throat and lead to the accumulation of mucus. This ravages the throat and causes a persisting cough. Using electronic cigs decreases this chronic smoker’s cough, simply because there are no traces of nicotine toxins.

  • No traces of Hydrogen Cyanide

A plethora of harmful carcinogens present in tobacco causes the lungs to swell and clog. As there is no natural way of the lungs to clean itself up, it constricts air flow and leads to breathing problems.

With an E cigarette, there are no elements of hydrogen cyanide as well. Despite using it, users don’t experience breathing problems, simply because the lungs get ample scope to repair itself.

Some other perks an e-cig brings

  • Improvement in smell and taste perceptions

Regular smoking of tobacco leaves a disgusting smell in your mouth. It doesn’t happen immediately but over a substantial period with increasing consumption. Making a switch to e cigarette will eradicate that offensive smell. Now there is no need to worry about putrid breaths or musty attires.

Cigarettes also diminish the sense of taste by reducing the sensitivity of the taste buds. Vaping with electronic cigarettes restores the buds by allowing it to repair itself. Henceforth, food starts feeling better than before.

  • Vaping is cheaper to smoking

Every cigarette is disposable, and considering the kind of cost each carton of cigarette comes at, one can imagine the investment which goes in waste. The thing with e-cigs is that they come in variants which are both reusable and also disposable.

Even with units which are disposable after one usage, they last a fair length of time in comparison to packets of cigarettes. Furthermore, catering to a quality vaping instrument which gives users the option of refilling it with e-juice, it makes way for substantial savings.

  • No need of ashtrays

An E cigarette does not involve any form of combustion. This means that there is no ash. That eventually means that users don’t need to go somewhere separate or outside premises to smoke up.

It diminishes the dependency of ashtrays and also the habit of littering.

An E cigarette is surely a more flexible and healthier way of enjoying your smoke. And these are some of the perks which reinstate this. So it would be advisable to purchase an affordable vaping unit from a reliable online source and start down a new smoking habit. One which is just as good and one which is very less harmful!

So, quit smoking and start vaping!