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E Cigarette Starter Kit

No one wants a break from smoother smoking experience abruptly. So, to continue, you can always choose e cigs. Your e cigarette starter kit comes in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your usage and handling, you might experience burning sensations or bitter taste. Always check for leakage of fuel and battery malfunctions before planning to buy a new one.

Troubleshooting tweaks for your E cigarette starter kit

e cigarette starter kitAs a healthier alternative to cigarettes, e cigarette liquids and starter kits are gradually gaining enough significance. As opposed to normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes provide more versatility regarding choice of flavors and varying nicotine strengths. The basic e-cigarette kit consists of atomizer, charger and batteries. Reliability and usability of atomizers depend on usage patterns. Due to heavy usage, your e cigarette starter kit might start malfunctioning, and hence it is always advisable to have spare atomizers.

What are e-liquids?

E liquids are chemicals in liquid form which contain the nicotine and flavors that you want. Most start-up kits come with an e liquid pack which needs to be refueled according to need. When the starter kits reach temperatures of up to 250 degrees, e liquids generate fumes which users smoke.

Since it does not initiate direct burning, it is healthier and does not pose serious health issues. Additionally, vapers are safer as they contain chemicals like glycerin and flavorings. They come in different nicotine strengths depending on user’s preferences. Less than 1% of e liquids that go with e cigarette starter kit does not contain nicotine.

In times of distress

Smokers using e cigarettes face hard times when they are unable to get uninterrupted smoke from their vape pens. Research opines that troubleshooting vape pen, malfunctioning does not require extensive engineering knowledge and often simply understanding the problem is enough.

Possible malfunctionings with an e cigarette starter kit

While some users complain of a leaky vape cylinder, others face battery charging problems. Some smokers also face problems while trying to smoke in but without effect. Few issues that you may face sometime in your vape smoking lifetime-

  1. Leaky pot?

Imagine your vape pen as a cylinder which is leaking. Some of the possible reasons for the same may include over tightening of your e-cigarette tank. Some smokers also suggest that using cheaper and lower quality vape liquid may be the culprit. The mouth of the cylinder contains an O-ring which might get lost or spoiled. Fixing the leaky pot is easy using special adhesives. But if loss of O-ring is the problem, try consulting your dealer for a replacement or a new e cigarette starter kit.

  1. Varying taste or flavours?

In general, problems in your starter kit might cause this problem of different flavors from your vape pen. However, experts suggest that vape tongue might also be the reason for the same. The taste buds in your tongue become used to a particular flavour and it refuses to detect it after a certain time-period. Trying a new flavour might solve this issue.

  1. Battery charging errors

A typical E cigarette starter kit comes with either an ego or an evod battery. Problems in charging may occur any-time and destroy your smoking experience. In case of problems based on charging on/off, click the button 5 times for each. Make sure that while charging, red lights glow which turn green on complete charge. Problems in firing pin may include clogging ejuice or stuck pins. In the worst of cases, you may need to re place your charger.

  1. Burning taste or no vapour

One of the most annoying problems in an e cigarette starter kit is the burning sensation while you smoke in. To get rid of the horrible burning taste, check the variable voltage in vape pen. Problems in atomizer heads might also cause the same problem. Try cleaning the head until they need replacement.

  1. Stranger sounds from your vaporiser

Under normal conditions, you should not be hearing strange sounds and definitely not any gurgling sounds. The problem may arise especially when you overfill your vape tank, and that may even cause a spill. In situations like these, try removing the e-liquid until it turns silent.

Fixing clogging issues and tools to calm situations down

Even after smoking in too hard, sometimes smoke just refuses to come in. Excess liquid clogging may arise from inefficient filling or spillage. Your e cigarette starter kit needs a cooler environment, and even prolonged non-usage may also cause the same problem. To get rid of the problem, try dismantling the entire setup and perform a thorough cleansing. Experts prefer using small cotton swabs and applying alcohol on the mouthpiece and filling region. Make sure that the alcohol does not go into the cylinder.