E Cigarette Battery

E-Cigarette Battery

“Make sure that the internal aspects of your E-cigarette are in the best working condition – and that includes the e-cigarette battery!’’

With the concept of E-cigarette gaining prominence in recent times, it is very important that while vaping process is carried on, there should be complete security associated with it. As the quote states, that there is no gain minus pain, it must be remembered that while vaping, the e-cigarette battery that is present needs to be taken care of as well.

Loving the flavors presented by your vaping machine? Well, with a correct lithium-ion battery that is usually chosen in this case, it can be an experience of a lifetime. However, a wrong and faulty e-cigarette battery could result in the whole experience going wrong.

Wish to prevent this delightful experience turning into a debacle? Here are some tips that can ensure the right choice of e-cigarette battery for your vaping pen.

Tips to confirm that your e-cigarette battery is safe

Unprotected lithium-ion batteries can cause a lot of issues. To prevent that, it is best to take safety measures.

  • The voltage of the concerned battery:

The first step that you should take care of is getting a e-cigarette battery that has voltage of 3.6V. The batteries are to be initially tested with the help of a multi-meter that determines its condition. Given that mechanical mod and RDA maintenance are extremely important for ensuring correct quality of battery, this test helps in warranting compatibility standards.

The coils of this e-cigarette battery can be tested in the process, and this further helps in making sure, correct battery for perfect usage. Keep your battery considerably charged for getting maximum support.

A minimal check can go a long way!

  • Prevention of overcharging of batteries:

If you are thinking that a little overcharging of the e-cigarette battery would help in holding it for a longer time period, you are surely on the wrong side. In case of lithium-ion batteries, leaving it in a discharged position can decrease its capacity, while over-charging can result in reducing its life-cycle. In certain cases, dangerous blasting of batteries can also take place.

Steps to prevent overcharging of a e-cigarette battery

  1. Either you can keep a check on the charging point every 15 minutes or set a timer of a minimum of 20 minutes. Once this timer gives a single alarm, set it accordingly.
  2. Using Nitecore D2 Charger is the best option in this case. Having specific settings that fit with your lithium-ion battery, this has auto-timer that turns off charging once the battery is completely charged.

So, make sure that your vaping process is not disturbed in any manner.

  • Batteries are to be kept away from other batteries:

Make sure that the lithium-ion batteries that are specifically associated with this vaping pen are neither associated with other batteries nor even with metals. In case of any such mixing, dangerous fires can occur. Therefore, one has to be very careful.

So, have you ensured that all these details are clarified regarding your vaping pen? In that case, you can breathe! However, before making a purchase, be very sure of the compatibility issues as well as safety measures associated with this pen.

Once you have matched your requirements with the e-cigarette battery and the pen that you have bought, alternative smoking can truly be a great experience.

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