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E Cig Liquid

E cig liquidDoctors and medical practitioners are deeply concerned with the growing rise in smokers. However, now, there is an alternative which is equally safe. For better results, try smoking e-cigarettes which produce no tar or harmful monoxides. Learn the truth about E cig liquid that burns no tobacco and comes in various doses of nicotine along with other benefits.

Is E cig liquid the benign and harmless alternative to tobacco?

Smoking cigarettes indeed initiate cancer and are thus injurious to health. Above a million articles and blogs have already been written on the toxic effects of smoking. A single puff releases substantial quantities of carbon monoxide, lead oxides and soot to damage your lungs.

However, the truth is nicotine is not poisonous; rather, it’s a stimulant that eases your nerves. In sharp contrary, e cig liquid does not burn any tobacco and is harmless. In fact, it is the harmless nicotine that smokers crave for.

Statistics show that incidences of cancer rise manifold on prolonged smoking habits. More than 30% of cancer deaths occur due to excessive smoking and if cancer does not kill you, bad cough and non-attachable bond to a cigarette undoubtedly can affect your health. Plus, cigarettes are costly, and studies reveal that passive smoking is even more harmful.


The environmental impacts of growing tobacco are continuously on the rise. Every year sees an increase in deforestation by over 80% to cater to growing tobacco plantations. This comes as another reason why an environment-friendly product should be accepted.

E cig liquid – Is it a safer alternative to cigarettes?

Well, yes it is.


Unlike how cigarette burns, vaping does not emit poisonous substances like monoxides and cyanides. These kits are not addictive and are made from natural chemicals like glycerine. Hence, they are not carcinogenic and make it easier for you to leave smoking.

Have a look at how recent trends in vaping have risen.

  1. According to recent reports, more than 2.9 million smokers all across the UK have shifted to vaping. A considerable portion of them has already quit
  2. Results also show that there has been a 50+% rise in vapers every year. This is enough information to clarify the above statements.
  3. Another research shows that more than 30% of the smoking population tends to leave smoking cigarettes chiefly due to increasing costs of the product. Smoking a vape pen is a viable option here. Even higher percentage of that population has shifted to e cig liquid to quit smoking altogether.
  4. Smokers who do not wish to quit but want to move to healthier alternatives also consider vaping safer. According to them, they want to lessen the amount of tobacco use and therefore, consider vaping as a viable option.
  5. Researchers opine that e-cigarette is less harmful and is not addictive. Although there has been a considerable rise in smoking population, surveys conducted in various parts of the UK reveal that around 9 million people smoking cigarettes are gradually considering a safer alternative.
  6. E cig liquid comes in different flavours and does not need additional fire to light them up. E liquids mostly come in aerosol suspensions and are made of little condensed vapours. They come in varying shapes and dimensions. Most vape liquids consist of propylene glycol, an organic liquid, and the rest is flavourings with nicotine.
  7. Some scientists believe that vaping poses lesser threats to the environment. According to an article on air quality in the UK, major health issues are One of the reasons for the same is smoking cigarettes. E cigarettes do not pose health issues.

Scope of vaping industry

With the rapid growth in the number of vapers around the globe, estimates reveal that vaping industry will thrive to be a more than $30 billion industry.

Vaping industry, although massively smaller in dimension, is gaining importance owing to increasing consciousness among smokers. Reviews posted by e cig liquid users reveal that customers consider it as a better alternative. Plus, it is easy to use, and the accessibility of vape juice all across the nation has further made it possible.

Manufacturing standards

Maintaining the quality of vape liquid and the e cigarette starter kit is of utmost importance. Different countries have different standards depending on which they manufacture their vaping instruments. Some of the basic regulations that e juice manufacturers follow are-

  • Sanitized lab suits and gloves for all workers with certified clean rooms having proper air filtration.
  • E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association is responsible for the manufacturing of safer e-liquids. Dosage and precise composition of nicotine are also included but in very fewer strengths.
  • Although there are no Food and Drug administration departments for controlling quality check of e cig liquid, various proposals exist which tend to note down basic safety measures and directions of usage.